Verano Capital CIREC Speaker Interview Questions

Hear from Dylan Rudney, CEO of Verano Capital to explore his experience of working in Chile,

his goals for the company and his predictions for the Chilean solar market...

For those unfamiliar with Verano Capital, what is your focus within the renewable energy industry?

Verano Capital’s sweet spot is the development of solar projects in Chile, Argentina, and Colombia, in particular PMgD projects in Chile. The development includes: greenfield site search, engineering & design, permitting, financing, EPCm, procurement, and asset management

Verano Capital is very active in Chile: what are your objectives over the next three years?

In Chile our goals are to connect 200 MW of PMgD projects in the next 18-24 months and 200 MW of larger scale (>9 MW) projects in the next 36 months

What do you see as the greatest opportunities in Chile’s renewable energy sector?

PMgD solar

What market conditions are essential to the advancement of renewable energy in Chile?

Robust transmission system and competitive debt

How do you see the Chilean market evolving over the next five years?

The continued growth of renewables, especially PMgD solar, accompanied by increased storage and quick response base load energy 

Finally, why is participating in CIREC 2018 important to you?

Networking and technology sharing