Itaú CIREC Speaker Interview Questions

Hear from David Mario Velasco Fischman, Deputy Director of Corporate Banking at Itaú...

What do you see as the greatest opportunities in Chile’s renewable energy sector?

Personally, I think Chile has incredible opportunity to become a global a strategic player in the energy industry and of course a hub for the region. Chile has the right fundaments, natural resources and a mature RE generation market. Copper and Lithium resources will drive the future for electric cars and Chile has an important share of those mineral reserves world-wise. 

What market conditions are essential to the advancement of renewable energy in Chile?

Historically, the high spot prices were a key driver, along with a sound financial and banking sector. Looking forward, the main challenge for the generation sector is the same expected outcome for more RE penetration: low energy prices. Financial sector, mining companies and institutional investors has to accommodate to new business models proposed by a mix of IPPs and incumbent companies. 

How do you see the Chilean market evolving over the next five years?

I see a consolidation of aggregation financing models through more presence of private equity investors and a long awaited local green bank. This will expand the market from traditional financing structures and business models, constituting a “second wave” of momentum for the market. 

Why is participating in CIREC 2018 important to you? 

For me is the perfect combination between business networking and thinking of how the market will evolve in the near future.

7.    What aspect of attending CIREC are you most excited for?

CIREC has shown the ability of putting together a very attractive mix of market leaders, entrepreneurs and top companies, all under a great organization. I’m very excited to participate as speaker of the 2018 version.